The first blog post on the chain.

Just commemorating here.

I have to say that xLog has indeed greatly reduced the threshold for posting articles on the chain. Previously, I couldn't configure Mirror and Planet in time, but I could quickly get started with xLog. In addition, xLog chose crossbell, where you can directly claim some CSB, so there is no cost to get started. However, it seems that the domain name does not directly use a decentralized solution, and binding a custom domain name still uses traditional DNS.

Decentralized domain names based on blockchain have also become popular recently, such as .eth and the new .bit, which are similar to traditional domain names and have holding costs every year. Domain name resolution can point to an article's CID, but it is troublesome to change the resolution every time the homepage is updated. Therefore, IPNS or similar solutions have emerged. After the domain name points to the IPNS address, there is no need to change the resolution anymore, and updating the homepage only requires changing the association between IPNS and CID.

Using Filebase + ENS can achieve decentralized storage + domain names, and with the help of proxy gateways + CDNs, you can directly access them in the browser. xLog simply further simplifies these steps.

Web3 applications seem to be increasing gradually, and various applications can be done on the chain again.

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